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Create Your Own Astrology Charts

Have you seen your birth chart before?  Are you interested in getting a glimpse of your chart before you book in with an astrologer?

Then this is the perfect place to take that first glance. To see clues set in the stars for your life's potential!

All you have to do is input your birth data and presto there is your chart. You can also get a synastry chart. This chart is your birth chart with someone else's. Perfect for seeing how your chart interacts with those closest to you.

You can also see the current Moon phase and planetary transits.


These are set for Sydney Australia which is GMT+10 (or GMT+11 from October to April).

Click on the links below to get your charts or through the site's main menu above. You can also get a report on your chart, how cool is that!


If you want more information about what your charts mean, you can book a session with me when you are ready.

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