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Fly into a New Cycle

Well, time does fly… Rather than say where the year has gone, I say where did my trip go?

We had a wonderful time in Europe with family flying in from five different destinations to meet up for my daughter's baptism. Catching up with everyone in person after a 6-year hiatus has been a dream ... despite traveling with two very young kids, ha!

This trip seemed like an old and new cycle were overlapping. And the stars this month are showing us exactly that with two Full Moon events!

The month starts with a Full Moon in Aquarius. The Moon shares the same skyspace with the asteroid Hygeia (from our view from Earth). It is a time when we need to look at our health more.

If nothing is wrong with your health, then that is even better. Yet if you are an Aquarian, and your calves are cramping, that is a sign of taking too much on in your life. Don’t let the demands get on top of you so that your health starts to shout at you to take some extra time out.

This Full Moon is also a Super Full Moon. It looks bigger and packs more punch. Things will also feel more intense. The best way to overcome any of that energy is to nourish yourself by doing what you love. If that involves staying home a bit or sprucing it up, then that is ideal too.

On the 16th of August, we have the New Moon in Leo. It is a great time to start anew. Remember, the darkest phase of the lunar cycle is just before the New Moon. Venus is still retrograde. If you need to let go of old loves, this is the perfect time to do it! Let go of what needs to go. Embrace that exciting new energy … it will be healing!

Before the last Full Moon of the month, Mercury goes Retrograde on the 23rd. Then Mars moves into Libra, and Uranus also turns retrograde on 29th August. We will spend most of the month rehashing and reanalysing what has come to pass. We will see the past in a new light and it will finally make sense. You may download information and ideas from the ethers. This information will allow you to move forward with what has been troubling you for a while. But remember that timing is the key! With all that exciting new information, go slowly before signing the dotted line. Give it time … don’t rush.

This last Full Moon may bring deeply buried emotions. Just when you thought ‘I am done with this! Why is it coming up again?’ Well, that’s thanks to Mercury still being retrograde as the month leaves us. The Moon is now in the sign of Pisces, and we can tap into our intuition and emotions more. Don’t run away from them but honour them instead. Acknowledge their existence. Thank them and let them go.

When there are two Full Moons in a month, a cycle shifts. We’ve had the Full Moon followed by the New Moon per calendar month for a while now. Before that, it was the New Moon, followed by the Full Moon. Well, from next month this is the shift we’ll see again. Another cycle is ending and beginning. So as I finished up things in Europe a new cycle began with my children’s first trip home there. I will take it slow and let it unfold. It’s exciting and I can’t wait to see what eventuates … time to plan the next trip.

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