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Full Moon in Sagittarius - Time to Break Free

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

This month's Full Moon in Sagittarius coincides with Mercury moving into Gemini. Sagittarians will feel this New Moon the most followed by Geminis, Virgos, and Pisceans. For the rest of us, we will feel it in the part of our charts ruled by Sagittarius. Any planets there and the aspects they make will also be affected. If you would like more insight, feel free to book a reading with your beloved astrologer.

Having said that, this Full Moon makes a lovely link to Saturn and Chiron. As Saturn is now retrograde, it brings back those lessons that need healing once and for all but with a twist. You know how you experience past hurts and just when you think you are past it, it comes back again? Does a trigger pick at the wound? Well, this is what can happen during this Full Moon. It will ask you to face the wound and talk about it. Look at it in new ways and from all sides of the story. It is only then, that you will experience the healing that will turn the wound into a scar.

Neptune, however, brings a challenge to this Full Moon. It will bring to light things that you never realised. It will be a time when that saying, ‘Hindsight gives us foresight’. Neptune will let you see the truth of the lessons that Saturn is bringing back to heal with Chiron. Being in Sagittarius brings a need to be free of what was holding us back in the past so we can explore the exciting future that awaits us. The forecast for each sign is outlined below.

Full Moon in Sagittarius - Times Around the World:

Sydney: 14/6/22 21:52

Athens: 14/6/22 14:52

Manila: 14/6/22 19:52

London: 14/6/22 12:52

Chicago: 14/6/22 06:52

Read your Sun, Moon and Rising sign below for a comprehensive forecast.

Aries: And just as those wounds are healing, you will be asked to go deeper dear Aries. To the realms and depths, you dare not go, or do you? You may have faced the past but now you are so ready to move on and it is time. Before you do anything rash, cross your t’s and dot your i’s to ensure you are off to a good start for when the next New Moon arrives.

Taurus: Your relationships will be the focus of this New Moon dear Taureans. There may be some things that you are holding back in talking about with your loved ones. Don’t hold back. The movement of Mercury into Gemini is perfect for you to have those talks. Having said that, it is also time to clear the air with those who you don’t see eye to eye with. Isn’t it exhausting to hold those grudges? If not for them, then do it for the number #1 person in your life.

Gemini: With the Sun and Mercury in your sign, you are at full throttle. Nothing and no one is holding you back, especially when it comes to your work and your health. The need to talk with your superiors and sort out how you want to get that promotion is on the cards. Yet speak with tact, as you may not like what you hear but it is time to finally get to the truth of things so we can be free which is what this Full Moon is all about.

Cancer: Life has been dragging you down and it is time you start having fun dear Cancerians. It has been work, work, work, and no play. Balance is needed and if you have no choice but to work, work, work, then try and plan some fun, fun, fun in between, so you can find the freedom you crave as you face your responsibilities.

Leo: The focus during this Full Moon will be on the past and your home life. Issues coming down generations may come to light where you may see the generational patterns play out. Talk it through with loved ones but one thing is for certain; it is time to break free from these patterns and heal the family line…starting with you.

Virgo: You are well known for your attention to detail. The conversations around this time will be so enlightening from focusing on the details, that you will feel refreshed in getting to the truth of things. If you can’t have those conversations, time to write a story, write in your journal…the brainstorming will do you wonders!

Libra: Lately you have been hard on yourself. You may have some financial difficulties or suffer from imposter syndrome. It is time to stop having that pity party and remember that some challenges in life are self-imposed. Some difficulties we are experiencing in life now are from negative seeds planted as beliefs in the past that we have carried with us all our lives. None of these are serving us. Neptune will help bring that to light as Saturn and Chiron will heal you. Speak with loved ones about it. You are loved and know that you will set yourself free once you realise how wonderful you are!

Scorpio: This Full Moon is going in deep for you dear Scorpios. I’m not going to say 'oh it’s your career zone that is the focus or your relationships, etc'. For you, it is all about you. Who are you deep inside? I’m talking about the core of your core…the part of you that only you can see and whatever higher power you believe in can see as well. There are some wounds there that need work to heal that may be holding you back. It is time to let them go so you can be free for the wonderful things on their way to you.

Sagittarius: As this Full Moon is in your sign, you will feel it more than the rest of us. However, this Full Moon will be all about your ego and its dissolution. We all carry things from the past and sometimes we hang on to them because our ego was wounded. It is natural yet we must not let it get to the point of it weighing us down. Carrying such baggage can hinder our progress in life. So this Full Moon will be your Call To Action to let it go!

Capricorn: This Full Moon falls in the house of wishes and dreams and friends for you dear Capricorns. Yet the light of the Full Moon will shine on that part of you that you may have been neglecting. You may wonder if you do belong to some groups or communities that you are a part of. There may be a need to find your tribe and kindred spirits. Stay where you are but put it out there to the Universe to bring those that are right for you into your life. This Full Moon in Sagittarius will bring an end to that feeling of not belonging where you are.

Aquarius: The focus will be on how you saw yourself in the past and how you see yourself now in your family life and professional life. Deep issues with the family, siblings, and your upbringing will start coming back to you. You will start to see things differently and it will open your eyes to something you hadn’t considered before. You will realise how seeds of the past affect our progression in the future.

Pisces: The time to expand your mind has come either through books, study, or travel. However, the mind will only expand after it has filed away and sorted what has come to pass. The way to file these away is to talk things through. Your ruling planet Neptune is making you face the Gemini Sun and with Mercury, in Gemini, there is no stopping you. Have those talks…there are discoveries to be made!

Have a wonderful Full Moon!

Astrological Blessings,

Georgina xx

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