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It's Eclipse Season Again!

This month we are seeing a few changes come to us on the back of the changes we saw in March.

On 3rd April, Mercury moves into Taurus. We find that our communications will have a grounded and more serious tone. Financials may become prominent things to consider as well.

The Full Moon in Libra brings a more balanced and easy path to putting the past behind us. You may find that this Full Moon brings more luck to you than any other Full Moon. There is a healing quality thanks to Chiron, the asteroid healer, making a lovely link to the Moon.

Venus moves into Gemini this month on the 11th bringing positivity to our relationships. You may find your partner to be more chatty. Otherwise, it is a great time to spend time alone together. Talk more about the things that have been on your mind. You may find that you have been on the same wavelength all along.

The 20th brings the Sun into the sign of Taurus. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TAUREANS! The Sun in your sign gives you a lovely energy boost for the year. For the rest of us, look to where the sign of Taurus is in your chart, as that is where you are getting a boost of energy for the next month as the Sun highlights those themes for you.

The next day, we have a New Moon Solar Annular eclipse in Aries. It is the second New Moon in this sign in a row. It brings the first eclipse season of the year to us, but it also brings chances for new opportunities. The New Moon is conjunct with the North Node, Jupiter, and square Pluto. So when you make your New Moon wishes for new beginnings and second chances. Look to that part of your life you fear to tread. When you cast your wishes, be careful about what you wish for, as your life will be transformed in a big and good way!

On the same day, we also see Mercury go retrograde through our skies until 15th May. This eclipse can show that our plans and wishes will take some time to happen but they will. We need to gather all the information before we embark on those plans and wishes. Hang in there, good comes to those who wait!

Read more below for the area of your life your can experience these changes:


The New Moon Eclipse is in your sign so expect your sense of self to be transformed. There has never been a better time to reinvent yourself. It is never too late to do so in life. Even if you don’t reinvent yourself, expect your sense of self to get a refreshing boost. Oh if you can’t sleep? Blame the eclipse, as the energy during this time is quite intense!


Expect to tap into your intuition, the other side, or whatever you call it. It is time to surpass any woo-woo fears. The more you hide from it, the more it will chase you. Gosh, that sounds ominous. Let me put it in a better light. The changes you are sensing involve seeing that there is more to the material realm. The more you embrace it, the better, and when you do, you will wonder why you didn’t do so earlier.


New beginnings are coming to your standing in your community and groups that you are a part of. This eclipse is taking part in your chart of dreams and wishes, so wish big Gemini! You’ve got nothing to lose!


Your career zone is about to get a boost. Want a promotion? A career change? Follow your dream job? Start your own business? Whatever you desire, now is the time to plant the seeds and make plans that are realistic and achievable.


Any thoughts of working overseas or expanding your outreach are well highlighted. People from abroad may come into your life, or it may be time to reach out to loved ones far away. Thanks to the internet, they can be closer than those right next to you.


Look to the relationships troubling you of late and put your ego aside for one moment. You are good at analysing and overthinking. So let’s use that skill to analyse this situation. What started it? Why did it start? More importantly, what is it teaching you about your relationships with others? Look to your shared finances as well. It is time to wish for clarity and the right advice from above on how to proceed. Trust your higher self.


Your relationships with others are about to get a boost with this New Moon eclipse. See where you need to extend an olive branch. There may be some relationships in your life that need more attention. Are you taking anyone for granted? It is time to look at which relationships are good for you. As I always say, stick with those that make your heart sing, and not those that make your heart sink.


Your health and work zone are about to get a reboot. As this eclipse squares the ruler of your sign, Pluto, you are invited to be honest with yourself. What do you want to do with your routines, health, and work? Once you finally admit to yourself what you have been denying yourself all along, you are going to thrive!


You need more fun Sagittarius. You need to get out more and do activities you enjoy. Not those that you do to keep up appearances. Don’t accept those invitations because they arrived at your door. You also need to be more creative! Reconnect to those creative outlets you have let go of or connect to those outlets you crave to do one day. There is nothing like the present!


This eclipse season is perfect for refurbishing your home or finding a new place to hang your hat. It may also be time to extend an olive leaf to those family members you have lost touch with.


Short trips are highlighted Aquarius, and you may need to get away. Have those conversations with your siblings that you have been putting off. No matter what the geographical distance is, make contact and set a date and time to do so!


You may question your sense of self since Saturn entered your sign. Now you may also question your self-esteem. That is OK, we all go through some inner self-reboots. Take the time out to find out who you are. Get to know yourself again. You haven’t changed as much as you think. But do you need to get to know yourself again? Even if you are wearing new hats now, remember you are still you.

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