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January 2023 Forecast - A New Beginning!

Sunrise over a field
Sunrise for a new year!

Happy New Year! Welcome to January 2023, and the latest on all the astrological happenings this month.

I am still on leave so as you can gather I have written this in advance. During this time off from before Christmas and during January, I’m preparing my eldest child to go to kindergarten. Already! It is milestones like this that take me back to the moment my children are born. Whenever they achieve something, I can see how much they have grown. My mind always goes can to that first moment we met. My youngest was when they lowered the veil to reveal her to me during my C-section. With my oldest, it was soon after he flew out of me. The doctor said, “Oh shit!”, caught him, and put him on my chest. What a way to enter the world!

Soon after my next blog post, school will have started for the year in Australia and it’s back to a new normal for me. I’m going to be busier, aren’t I?

Yet I will still look to the stars and the year starts. Venus moves to move to Aquarius on 3rd January before the Full Moon in Cancer three days later. We are being called to approach things with a bit of detachment in life. Be a little more objective and cool especially in our relationships. The Full Moon brings more warmth to the mix. It is time to clean off our energies of the year before. What doesn’t serve us will go, Pluto will make sure of it. The more you resist him, the more challenging it will feel. Jupiter is making a lovely link that will ease the abrupt changes that are coming your way.

On 12th January we see Mars finally going direct in Gemini. All that frazzled energy of the past few months is finally going to settle down, especially with Mercury going direct on the 18th of January. It allows us to gather our energy before venturing forward into the new year. As Mars and Mercury go forward in the skies, it also symbolises a time we will see things picking up again. We will still be in the shadow period until the end of the month so things won’t pick up as fast as we’d like.

The 20th of January brings the start of the Aquarius season!


It is your season when you will get a burst of energy. With the New Moon in Aquarius on 21st January, it is a great time to make your New Moon wishes. The Aquarian themes that are good to wish for during this New Moon are:

  • Innovation or inventive solutions

  • Friends

  • Seeing the future

  • Revelations

It is also the start of the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit!


With the new year and Saturn moving into Pisces in a couple of months, there is light at the end of a very long tunnel that was the past two and a half years. Yet I will talk about this more closer to the date. With this New Moon, Taureans, Leos, and Scorpios will also feel a boost. The rest of us will feel the boost in that part of our charts ruled by Aquarius. For me, my household is half Aquarian (perfect for an astrologer hey?) so I get how hard it has been. I also get to celebrate!

On 22nd January, Uranus goes direct and ends the retrograde season of the last 6 months. So we’ll see progress in our lives where Taurus rules our charts. It will be a time that there will be a new buzz of activity. Take advantage of the first few months of this year. Take those opportunities and go for the ride!

As Venus started the month with her movement into Aquarius, she now moves into Pisces on the 27th of January. Remember that aloofness, distance, and coldness I mentioned? Venus is inviting us to have a more dreamy air in our interactions with others. It is a time to cuddle up to our loved ones as the romantic month of the year approaches. But remember, and I have said it before and will say it again, that every day we should cuddle up to our loved ones not only on 14th February.

So this month starts a year that we finish what we are to leave behind so we can start the year and our lives. We will be able to venture forth into the new era that 2023 is bringing. And I am excited!

I wish you all a wonderful month!

Astrological blessings,

Georgina xxx

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