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June New Moon Forecast - Time To Rest

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

This Months New Moon brings a need to hibernate. The winter weather in the southern hemisphere makes this the perfect time to do so. With the summer weather in the northern hemisphere, it is time to take time out and spend it with loved ones. Yet this New Moon the Sun and Moon make a challenging link to Jupiter, as this planet is filled with Aries fire now. Giving you the fuel so you are all ready to go with those new beginnings and opportunities that have appeared. The New Moon is a fantastic time for those new beginnings but if you need time to hibernate, make sure you do so.

New Moon in Cancer - Times Around the World:

Sydney: 29/6/22 12:52

Athens: 29/6/22 05:52

Manila: 29/6/22 10:52

London: 29/6/22 03:52

Chicago: 28/6/22 21:52

New Moon Forecast

Read your Sun, Moon and Rising sign below for a comprehensive forecast.

Aries: Family and sense of self will be highlighted for you Aries during this New Moon. It may be time to take some time to hibernate. Read that book you have always wanted to read but is just sitting on your nightstand. Resist those Aries impulses to take on extra things. But first things first…family and rest.

Taurus: Small trips would be great for you during this New Moon, Taureans. Go somewhere you haven’t been before. Take that trip to the retreat you’ve wanted to go to or to your favourite spot. Meditate to connect to the divine. I guarantee inspiration awaits you!

Gemini: Have you started a new job or hobby? Joined a community group or club and felt like an alien? Not to worry Gemini. That is like a baby getting a new tooth. Babies wonder what is that thing in my mouth but then realise it is meant to have been there all along.

Cancer: Your career zone will be highlighted and how you relate to your colleagues. You may feel a shift in the air and that is OK. There are new things on their way. Take the time out to suss out the new environment. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Leo: Have you ever thought of taking a trip to an ashram or somewhere that will feed your soul? Travel to an exotic and inspiring place or even try a new meditation technique. This New Moon asks you to take care of your soul’s needs for once and fly. It is time.

Virgo: The focus during this New Moon is how you relate to others in your life. This new moon may bring light to discoveries that make you question the motives of others where you will see others in a completely different light.

Libra: The focus is on new beginnings in your professional life and career and how to balance them with your relationships and loved ones. Remember that balance is the key for you. Maintain the balance and boundaries in your life so both facets get equal footing and attention.

Scorpio: The last Full Moon may have put you through the wringer Scorpios but it certainly got rid of the old energies to bring in the new. It is time to explore and see the world, and study topics you have always wanted to. You may be wondering, 'When will I find the time with all the work I have to do?' You will find it as this new thing will be in your face. It is on your mind and will light the fires of excitement in your soul.

Sagittarius: You may want to explore a new creative outlet or interest but there may be some challenges in starting this new venture. ‘What will others think?’ you may wonder. You know what? Who cares! As long as you love it, that is all that counts.

Capricorn: There are new beginnings in your relationships and home life. For those unattached, new people may be entering your family. For those of you who are attached, there may be a birth or an announcement of a celebration that brings new family members. There may be exciting new things to do with your loved one. Take that date night when it comes. You’ll love it!

Aquarius: The focus during this new moon is on your work life and routines. It may be all work then home and home then work but do need to find the time to rest and rejuvenate when you can. Consider taking up new hobbies that let you get those thoughts out of your head that may be plaguing you.

Pisces: Like your Sagittarian friends, you are also on the verge of taking that new step towards a creative outlet but may fear what others will think. Or you may not feel as confident in taking that next step. This New Moon is perfect for doing so. Go on…what have you got to lose?

Have a wonderful New Moon!

Astrological Blessings,

Georgina xx

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