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Jupiter Meets Neptune - 5 Reasons Why This Is Big

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

“There comes a point when a dream becomes reality and reality becomes a dream.” - Frances Farmer

On 12/13th April 2022 (depending on where you are in the world), Jupiter and Neptune will unite at 24 degrees of Pisces. They are in a conjunct aspect which is when they come together in the sky as seen from our point of view on earth. When planets are conjunct, their united energies form something unique while they are together. It is also a big deal for a few more reasons other than that as follows:

Man standing next to a lit lamp post in the night mist.
Things may seem dark and cloudy but there is always light to be found. Image by

1. It happens once every 165 years in the same sign

Jupiter moves faster than Neptune. Jupiter takes 12 years to go around the Sun but Neptune takes 165 years. So when they come together in the same sign? It is BIG! These two planets will dance around each other until November 2022, when we have a few months ahead of learning what is to pass.

2. Things can get big

Jupiter represents faith, legal systems, higher learning, and travel. These themes may come to the forefront of our lives this year as these two planets dance around each other. It is a time when things may appear bigger than they seem yet we won't know until the aspect comes to pass.

3. Things can get murky

Neptune represents dreams and illusions. So these themes combined with Jupiter they will feel quite exaggerated. This is not to say that they aren’t real. They are very real. It is about listening to our dreams. The dreams we see in our sleep will feel real or weirder. They will stay with us and taint our days making us wonder what on earth was that dream about.

We will wonder if the things we are seeing are happening or are real. We will wonder what paths to take and what decisions to make. It will be difficult because this aspect is making it difficult for us. I liken it to when we are sleeping but waking up and are between both worlds. We see a dream or a hallucination and it seems so real, that we don’t know which world we are seeing it in. It confuses us and stays with us. That is what this conjunction will feel like. We won’t know if we are living our dreams or our reality.

4. Things can finally get clear

And as the waters are as clear as mud to the point we can't see what is going on, we will finally see the truth and get the clarity we seek. Clarity is always found when we see things in bright light. That is the light we find after going through the darkest of times. To be honest, life hasn't been easy for many of us of late so things are about to get lighter. These two planets will be dancing close together until the end of the year and that is roughly when the muddy waters will become clear again.

5. The clarity in that part of your life that needs it is finally here

So when life is as clear as mud, it isn’t all drab and dreary. There will be a specific part of our charts where this union of Jupiter and Neptune will occur. We look to the part of our charts that is ruled by Pisces (♓︎). This is where we will each feel the most. Of course, if you have planets there, those planets, as well as the aspects made to other parts of your chart will be influenced. For more details about how this will affect you in detail, feel free to schedule a reading with me and I can give you a more detailed insight into your chart.

Below is a brief rundown of what questions this Jupiter-Neptune conjunction will bring to us depending on which house it falls into:

1st house: Who are you? Are you being true to yourself?

2nd house: Do you value yourself? Do you know your worth? Are you doing what you love? Are you being paid what you are worth?

3rd house: Are you speaking your truth? Are you being open with others close to you, those around you?

4th house: Have you faced the truth about your past? Do you know where you have come from and where you belong?

5th house: Do you make room for fun in your life? Are the creative pursuits you are embarking on fun? Do you spend enough time with your children and pets?

6th house: Are your routines, health, and work-life boring? Are you enjoying your work? Are you treating your body well? Should you be paying more attention to your health? Should you change up your routine to be more suitable for the life you want to live?

7th house: Are you honest in your relationships? Are you showing your true self? Is your partner being honest and showing their true self to you? Do you and your partner support each other's dreams?

8th house: When it comes to all your relationships with others, are you being honest with them and yourself? Have you come to terms with issues to do with other people's money, joint finances, and working with others? Have you faced the reality of hidden issues to do with anything taboo, sexual, or related to grief/endings/death?

9th house: Have you lost your faith? Have you lost your connection to your higher self/angels/God/Universe/whatever you believe in? Is there something you always wanted to study or explore in life? Are you kidding yourself or convincing yourself that you can’t?

10th house: Do you love your job? Are you kidding yourself that that most wanted promotion is on its way? Is it time to move on? Is it time to go for that job you wanted instead? Are you in the career of your dreams? Is your job not a job and you love doing it no matter what?

11th house: Do you enjoy the groups/communities/friendship circles that you are a part of? Are they your kindred spirits? Are your friends, true friends? Are your wishes coming true?

12th house: Are you connected to the divine? Are you feeling lost? Are you listening to your intuition/higher self/spirit guides/angels/God(s)?

Aqua clear waters in a cave. Apt for Neptune clarity.
We'll find the light through the clear waters eventually. Image by Inelegantisia.

These are some questions you may find yourself facing. They are not exhaustive, nor are they definitive. They are yet a guide to the challenges that may arise.

No matter how things may seem, this is a cool aspect that is happening in our skies. There are parts of our lives right now where we may not have the clarity we seek. Yet, the time has come when Jupiter and Neptune will shine a big spotlight of clarity, on the truth of what we have been searching for. We will find what is required in our lives to live it in our truth…where our dreams become our reality and our reality become our dream.

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