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Libra Full Moon - Learning About Relationships

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

As we travel through this month's energy, we feel changes in the air. We have two new Moons sandwiching a Full Moon this month as the second New Moon is part of an eclipse.

Full Moons and Eclipses were considered to be ominous in ancient times but it is quite the opposite. The way to understand the Full Moon and Moon phases is to go back to agricultural roots.

The New Moon is a time of planting seeds. During the waxing period, as the Moon grows to the full phase, that is a time of growth and development. The Full Moon is when the fruit is ready for harvesting. The period after the full Moon is when it is time to get ready for the new Moon coming up again.

Similarly, when it comes to humans, the New Moon is all about starting anew and the Full Moon is for harvesting what we have sown. If you have planted good seeds, then you should see the fruits of your labor. If not, the fruit will not last and that is OK. A New Moon is coming soon so you can start all over again with better seeds.

The Full Moon is a time of endings and letting go before the new Moon and new beginnings. Remember, the Universe abhors a vacuum so let go of what is meant to go so the new can come in.

In April 2022, the Full Moon is in Libra. This month is unique in that we have two New Moons at the start and the end of the month. The second of which is a black Moon and we have the full Moon first in the month from May going forward until the next Black Moon. It is also quite apt being the fulcrum of which the New Moons balance on either side like the Libran scales.

Being in Libra the focus will be on relationships. If you are finding that your relationship may not be sustainable then it may be time to let go. Otherwise, it is a signpost to work through the issues when it comes to your union. This Full Moon makes a harmonious link to Saturn and is opposite Chiron. So there are some hard relationship lessons to take on board but once learned they will have a healing quality about them. Saturn will ensure that the harmonious link will soften the blow a bit.

On a positive note, if there are positive things and all going well between you, it should be a lovely Full Moon that will lead things to a new level. You see even if Full Moons are a time of endings, they are also times of enjoying the fruits of your labours.

It sets us up for the New Black Moon eclipse that is coming up in two weeks and I’ll touch base with you about that then. In the meantime, take in what this Full Moon is teaching you. It will be worth it.

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