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July 2022 Forecast - Light at the end of the tunnel

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

This month's New Moon in Leo comes together with Mercury and forms a lovely link with Jupiter today.

Jupiter is retrograde in Aries and will be retrograde until 23rd November 2022, during which time it will rehash the ground covered, since May 2022. It will also go through Pisces during this sojourn and it may make things seem more dramatic than they are. However, it is the light in the tunnel of the darkness that is the New Moon. It will give us the strength we need to take a pause, look behind us, and reassess what was to pass before we move full throttle into the new Jupiter cycle before us.

With Ceres in Leo, we will be able to take pride in ourselves to nurture ourselves healthily during this time. So as you look behind, be kind to yourself. Look to your signs below to see where you will need to nurture yourself more during this cycle.

New Moon Times around the World:

Sydney: 29/7/22 03:55

Athens: 28/7/222 20:55

Manila: 29/7/22 01:55

London: 28/7/22 18:55

Los Angeles: 28/7/22 10:55

However, this New Moon brings us more hope during the first two weeks of August as we are still feeling the effects of this New Moon. On 4th August, Mercury moves into Scorpio so it will be a time that as we are emerging from the dark, you will want to be able to truthfully be able to talk about what has been happening. Remember Samantha Jones in the show Sex and the City? She represented the one friend we all have that we can talk to about anything! Well, that's what you will be wanting. A friend you can talk to about absolutely anything and if you are lucky to already have that? You will be wanting to talk to them more during this time.

Also on the 11th of August, Venus moves into Leo and joins the Sun there for Leo season. It will be a time when we will express ourselves more enthusiastically. Despite what the New Moon brought our way we will start to feel more optimistic again. The last month of summer in the Northern Hemisphere will bring more fun and great memories to last the winter ahead. In the Southern Hemisphere, we can start to smell that Spring is on its way and with that, we feel hope and the promise of good things coming!

For your New Moon forecast, read your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign below.

Aries: It is a new cycle for health concerns and how you keep fit. How you treat yourself and how you balance this with your everyday routines. It is time to focus on yourself more but make sure you are gentle with yourself. Don’t go all gun-ho and make those drastic changes. Look at what has worked for you in the past and go from there making slow and subtle changes.

Taurus: It is time to take those creative classes you have always wanted to take. Art, music, dance, singing, whatever it is, start looking into it. You will surprise yourself with how much fun it will be, how many new friends you will make, the groups you will join, and what wonderful new experiences will come into your life. Exciting!

Gemini: Four words Geminis. STOP. BEATING. YOURSELF. UP! That negative self-talk is the cause of any blocks you may be experiencing especially to do with your finances. Start doing more positive affirmations during this New Moon to plant the seeds of new beginnings in abundance.

Cancer: Looking at yourself in the mirror and beating yourself up is not doing you any good. What you must remember is that you are perfect just as you are. There is a reason why you came into this world with the genetic code and birth chart you are meant to carry in this lifetime. Wear it with pride!

Leo: You start to feel a bit constrained about something and you want to speak out about it but aren’t sure how it will be received. It is time to have those conversations. As awkward as they are, they are your greatest lessons right now.

Virgo: It is a new beginning in terms of your faith and your relationships. You see on the one hand there is a focus on your spiritual well-being and on the other hand how this plays out with your other half. This is the New Moon where you will be able to find that balance in your life that you need.

Libra: For a while now, Librans have been a bit outside of the box. By that I mean they may be questioning where they belong. Some friends may be fading into the background of life and some new ones may be coming in. You may find that the groups you used to be a part of just don’t cut it anymore. Or you may find old friends are coming into the picture again. You have evolved dear Librans and this New Moon is the time where you will start to plant the seeds of new friendships to come (yes building new ones with old friends too…the ones that are kindred spirits that is). Put it out there into the Universe for like-minded, kindred spirits to join your tribe. When it is time, your paths will cross.

Scorpio: There are new beginnings in the professional/career side of your life now. If you find yourself at a crossroads of starting a new cycle in the job you are in or even starting a new career, consider all your options. It is a great time to gather that information and plant your seeds. Make the intentions to the Universe known. Focus on the end goal rather than the details and let the Universe take care of everything else.

Sagittarius: During this New Moon cycle, you may start thinking of the past and get upset about injustices that have come to pass, in your past, especially around your professional life. Now, remember, you did the best you could do with what you knew at the time. It is gone. It happened. What counts now as this new cycle is beginning is how you will move on with the lessons you have learned. Things happen for a reason and this is only evident in hindsight, unfortunately.

Capricorn: The focus during this New Moon for you will be on the past to do with where you have come from and where you want to go. There may be issues with family dynamics and how the path you want to take might work out for you all. The only way to know is to gather your information and have those discussions with your loved ones. They may agree. They may disagree. But one thing is for certain they will be able to offer suggestions that are for the good of all.

Aquarius: There are some pressures for you dear Aquarians that have to do with joint finances. The way things were done in the past is just not going to cut it going forward. Talk with who you share your finances to find better options going forward. The way you know you have both found the right solution, is the one that makes you both feel free.

Pisces: This New Moon heralds the start of a new cycle in your relationships with those closest to you. It is time to have those conversations you want to have on a date night and just get closer to them. For those of you that are attached, it will do you both good to re-establish that connection. For those that are unattached, during this cycle, look for that person that makes you feel comfortable and that you can really talk to…warts and all.

Astrological blessings,

Georgina xxx

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