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Nourishment for a New Start

As September rolls around, we find ourselves looking down the barrel of the back end of 2023. As dark as it sounds, it is an exciting time!

Very bright and colourful spring flowers

On 4th September, Venus and Jupiter go direct on the same day. Jupiter in the sign of Taurus is influenced by Venus. So these two planets are tied together on this day. We may find that matters of the heart will start to make sense. We may also find that those exes that came back onto the scene left our lives for a reason, and it was for the best.

When Jupiter entered Taurus in May, things changed, and events occurred. Now we will see why in hindsight. We’ll know how to move forward slowly and steadily.

On 15th September, we also have Mercury moving into the sign of Virgo as we have a New Moon in Virgo. The ambiguity of the past month or so should start clearing up. We’ve had time to revisit and rehash that part of our chart ruled by Virgo. We’ve had time to rejuvenate ourselves and take the time to reassess what we want to do. So when it comes to reorganising certain parts of our lives, this New Moon is a great time to plant the seeds. Use the information we’ve gathered during the recent Mercury Retrograde period.

The asteroid Ceres, who I call Pluto’s mother-in-law, will be entering the sign of Scorpio on the 16th of September. Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio, and so they are connected. While this asteroid is in this sign, look to that part of your chart ruled by Scorpio. Ceres will invite you to check on how you are taking care of yourself on a soul level. Are you doing what you love? Are you paying attention to nurturing yourself and those who need your nurturance? It is an interesting time to see if you are nurturing the Scorpio part of your chart. Ceres is giving you a nudge to pay attention to it again.

Speaking of which, on 13th September at 1:30 pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time), I will be giving a presentation about Ceres at the Astrology Association of NSW monthly meeting. You can attend in person or online at the Drummoyne Community Centre in Sydney. Members and non-members are welcome, and I'd love to see you there!

Finally, we end the month on a Full Moon in Aries on 29th September. We are invited to look at where we have given our power away. Look at where we stand in our personal lives and if we are being taken care of. Either by others close to us or by our very selves. So as we begin the end of the year, we find we are preparing for new beginnings. And that starts with taking care of nourishing ourselves.

Have a wonderful month!

Astrological blessings,

Georgina xxx

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