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Time to Prepare for Graduation

And clear out the old to make way for the new...

Graduation hats tossed in a bow formation as the sun sets
Image: Unsplash by Baim Hanif

I love October. It is spring in Sydney, and it is my birthday month. I finally get a burst of energy from the Universe to face the next year around the Sun. If you are a Libran or Scorpio you will feel a burst of energy this month that will sustain you for the next 12 months. Those with Libra or Scorpio rising and Moon will also feel some rejuvenation as these points will also be rejunvated in their charts.

The start of the month brings extra help in our interactions with others. Mercury’s trek through the sign of Libra on the 5th allows us to be more sweet-tongued and diplomatic which can’t hurt either with any tricky negotiations.

On 10th October, Venus enters the sign of Virgo. We may feel the tendency to overanalyse our relationships and health. We need to take care not to block affection by overanalysing what others say. Also, have a look at what foods may affect our constitution or curb our sweet tooth.

On 11th October, we also have Pluto going direct in Capricorn. This planet has been going backward since June this year. And Pluto makes his last trek in Capricorn for another 248 years. Whatever Pluto has brought to the fore since 2008 will be coming to a close. Before he changes signs, he is asking us to make sure we dot our i’s and cross our t’s.

Think of it this way. As I say in my e-book, Pluto in Aquarius, we are now going through a final test. In 2008, we started a new class in the school of Pluto. We are submitting the final assessments from now until the end of the year. How we fare, and the marks achieved will show in the next class in Aquarius (starting in January 2024). So from now until the end of the year, it's time to finish what needs to be done. You’ll know what it is as it's pestering you. You can feel it at the core of your soul. How is this manifesting for me? I have found that everything in my life has slowed down around my career. Pluto has been hitting that part of my chart for a long time and he's making sure I've made the right choices. Pluto is asking me to finish what I started 15 years ago to clear the way for the new. And there is a lot to do. So I’m taking it slow like Pluto’s slow movement. If I am to go back to my old career choices, it is to do it on my terms. That has been Pluto's transformative lesson in my life. I'm listening to my body and intuition first and foremost.

On the 13th of October, Mars enters Scorpio. Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio, and being in rulership makes it stronger. We need to see whether we have balance in our relationships and are on an even keel with our other halves. It is also time to re-ignite passion in the boudoir.

Needless to say, this intensity continues with the second eclipse season of the year. The New Moon eclipse is in Libra on the 14th of October. If attached you may find that flame reignited in your relationships. If unattached, new beginnings are coming in this part of your life. Look at the part of your chart ruled by Libra. That is where you may feel a new spark with this eclipse that will transform over the next year or so. Also, note that the eclipse squares Pluto. If there is anything you want to change, this planetary alignment can bring it.

Before I continue I want to mention the Australian referendum on this day. The wonderful discussion at the AANSW September meeting gave us time to look at the chart of the referendum and the same conclusion was made by all in attendance. Those in power who decide when the referendum should be held would have cast a better energetic outcome for all if they consulted an astrologer first! Watch this space.

Mercury moving into the sign of Scorpio on the 23rd of October adds to the mix of the month. If you need to have conversations with your other half about your love life then it is a great time to do so! It may be warming up here in the Southern Hemisphere and cooling down in the Northern Hemisphere. Yet when it comes to relationships around the globe, we may be seeing it warming up everywhere.

On the 28th of October, we have the second eclipse of the season, a Full Moon in Taurus. It will be felt the most in the part of your chart ruled by Taurus and for those who have their Sun, Moon, or rising sign in Taurus. In essence, it is a catharsis of sorts as the Universe abhors a vacuum. New beginnings are coming in this area of your life. There is also a call to reinstate balance and equilibrium. Look to where you can enjoy the finer things again. Joy really is in the simple things in life.

So this month, there is a focus on balancing our relationships with ourselves and others. We need to nourish them as we embark on the end of a long cycle. We need to ensure our roots are well established as we embrace the changes occurring in our lives. It is about taking one day at a time, tying up all the loose ends as new beginnings are coming because we need to get ready. The Pluto in Capricorn class graduation is about to begin.

Have a wonderful month!

Astrological blessings,

Georgina xxx

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