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Travel, Love and Destiny

I am writing this blog post waaaaayyyyy in advance as I know I will be taking time off. Tapping into the Pluto in Capricorn retrograde season, I’m going to Greece with my family. We are going to have a great reunion of many sorts. Firstly, it will be the baptism of my baby girl. Being a double Leo we expect her to scream her head off (have you seen a Greek baptism?) and we are fearful for the priest. Should be hilarious!

Secondly, our family from UK, Philippines, Spain, and Australia are flying to Athens and joining the Greek family for this occasion. It will be the first time both sides of our families will meet in person! I am so excited about this union and reunion of sorts. I will let you know in upcoming newsletters about how it went but as I write this the planning is underway.

Author and astrologer Georgina Sierra visiting the Acropolis in Athens in 2009.
Me under near the Acropolis in 2009. My home away from home...

As you may have gathered I am of Greek Australian descent. Australia is my home and Greece is my home away from home. Everyone calls me the Aussie from Athens! Ha! But it’s true, my heart lies across two continents…and now three as I’m married into my extended family in Asia. I have a 9th-house Moon so it aligns with it. The 9th house is all about travel and foreign lands as well as higher learning, faith, and legal issues. So give me a valid passport, a plane ticket and I’m off! My heart sings with anything to do with foreign lands…but let’s get to this month's forecast.

This month, we have some minor things happening in the skies but some major ones. On the 11th, Mars is moving into Virgo, followed by Mercury moving into Leo on the 12th. We will examine things with an analytical lens in life but from a positive lens. Seeing the positive lessons in occurrences around us does us good, and we should take them into our future ventures.

On the 18th of July, the nodes change signs! The nodes change signs every 18 months, and when they do, the energy around us changes. This month, the North Node moves into Aries, and the South Node into Libra. If you have your nodes in either of these signs, it is a dance with destiny over the next 18 months and a time of new beginnings for all. The year 2023 is a year of transition. Some planets are finishing cycles off (like Pluto and Saturn), and others are starting new ones (like Jupiter). From now on, expect new energies and opportunities to come to you. The scarier and more daunting they are, the more they are to be conquered.

Venus turns retrograde on the 23rd of July until the start of September. We are getting a rehash and review of our love department. Also, anything you are venturing into that has a creative aspect to it. You may feel the need to remodel or decorate your home. While Venus is going retrograde, sit back and observe the lessons she is bringing to you, especially around our relationships. There are lessons of pride and how we are in our relationships as she moves through the sign of Leo. Venus may be teaching you what you want in a relationship.

If you are planning to get married, please wait until after 4th September. If you have already booked everything? Stay the course. There is a reason why you are uniting with your loved one during this season. Keep in mind, marrying during Venus retrograde can bring a challenging flavour to the union.

On the 29th of July, Mercury moves again but into the sign of Virgo. Watch how self-critical you are and how you analyse or criticise others. Carry the flavour of new beginnings with you and try to stay as positive as possible.

So it is an interesting month! While I’ll be in the Northern Hemisphere as you read this, I wish you a wonderful month. If you want to book a reading, you can do so through my website or get in touch via email to coordinate a custom reading or collaboration, for when I return to the Southern Hemisphere.

I better get back to the planning…or while you are reading this, enjoying the Mediterranean summer sun!

Astrological blessings,



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