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We Can Conquer Anything!

How is 2023 for you so far? For some, it is better than in previous years. For others, the tests continue or are starting. That is life! We experience it in cycles, as we are now at the beginning of this year's retrograde season.

This month we have Pluto entering the sign of Capricorn. Remember the big hoo-ha I made about it a couple of months ago as it entered the sign of Aquarius? Now as Pluto is going retrograde, he has entered Capricorn. This means the flavour of the age since 2008 is returning for a few months. As I wrote in the Equinox edition of The Evolving Astrologer:

“Pluto will bring an intense cramming session while he lingers in the final degrees of Capricorn. Stephen Forrest has aptly coined it as, Capricornosis[1]. Imagine you are a student at the School of Pluto. The semester started in January 2008 when he moved into Capricorn. As Pluto moves through the last two degrees of Capricorn, you are cramming at the end of the semester to submit all assignments and finish exams. The marks achieved will be listed, and the results of how you fared will be shown during the following semester when Pluto sweeps through Aquarius.”

So now that Pluto is in Capricorn, there is an air of feeling rushed and finishing things off. It is a time to clear out the old before the new comes in once and for all. I can see it on a personal level. It is like certain things must happen and end before we move on. Otherwise, we won’t be ready for when Pluto finally changes signs at the start of 2024. Don’t leave it hanging, get it done and you will know who you fair in the new year.

Other planets and asteroids are changing signs too. Venus is moving into Leo on 6th June. Watch your pride when it comes to those closest to you. Choose your arguments as sometimes it is best to agree to disagree.

With Mercury moving into Gemini on the 12th June, we have the gift of the gab before Mercury moves into Cancer on the 28th. Conversations will move from a gossipy feel toward those with a deeper connection.

On 17th June, Saturn goes retrograde in Pisces! Another planet I made a big hoo-ha about back in March is also joining the retrograde ranks. The great teacher now wants to know if you have been paying attention to the lessons since early March. Themes will be revisited and rehashed.

Mars moves into Leo on 21st June, followed by the asteroid Ceres moving into Libra on 22nd June. On the one hand, we are being re-examined by Saturn and Pluto. We want to move forward and feel the urge to be recognised for our accomplishments. Yet there may be some frustration that we aren’t getting our share of the wins. That is OK! Give it time … you will get there. On the other hand, the asteroid Ceres will show us that the more determined we are to get that recognition, the unhappier we will be. The best thing to do is realise we had help along the way. For when we realise this, recognition will follow.

Finally, Neptune goes retrograde on 30th June in the sign it rules, Pisces! Here we look at the Piscean themes in our charts that came to light at the start of this year. Look to where you have finally seen the truth. How good is it to see the light? Or look to where you are still wearing rose-coloured glasses. It is time to take them off. If you can see the same thing with them on, then great! If the scenery changes, keep them off. Face what is right in front of you.

Sometimes life delivers truths we refuse to see or hear. Sometimes there are lessons we need to learn to grow. The more we resist them, the harder they will seem. But if we grab them by the goonies and face the challenges ahead, we can conquer anything!

Astrological blessings,



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