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Why Taking Time Out is Essential For Your Wellbeing

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

As 2021 approached its end there was one thing that was weighing on my mind. I needed a break. I felt like my well-being was under threat and we know when this is the case, you must take action to save

The reason why my well-being was compromised was due to my stress levels. In the last three months, I helped my mother sell her house of 40+ years. I helped her buy a new apartment, and while all this was happening, I was moving my young family into a new residence as our lease was terminated by the landlord. They wanted to come back to live in what is now our previous residence. I was pulling my hair as I felt extremely overwhelmed and overloaded.

So here is a relaxing image to help you digest those sentences. Yes, it was a very stressful time.

Relaxing image of a road in a luscious, green forest.
A relaxing picture to balance the stress this blog post may cause. Image by

Of course, I had seen my transit charts months in advance, indicating some challenges were coming up however I didn't understand what was to pass. I was too close to it (a disadvantage of being an astrologer). As the saying goes, I couldn't see the forest for the trees. I even saw a dream with my late father warning me that a stressful time was coming. I didn’t understand if he meant it was for me or my mother. Turns out it was a message for both of us.

During this time, I felt as if the Universe was conspiring against me. I kept saying, “It’s too much!” over and over again. If you know anything about the law of attraction, you will know that what you say attracts more of it.

So what did I do? How did I navigate this? I delegated and took time off.

My hubby took care of our living arrangements as I took care of Mum's move. Within three days of being told we had to move, we found a new place to live. My mother's house sold at above the reserve price and within a week she bought her new apartment.

It was a lesson to keep your thoughts positive as every conversation you have with yourself is a conversation you have with the Universe.

As the moves were close to completion, my client readings were wrapping up towards the year's end, and it was time to take a break immediately. Thanks to modern technology, I made sure I kept all of my clients and followers abreast of all astrological happenings while I was away so I could focus on Mum’s move.

I logged off all social media and went quiet two weeks before planned. It was time to look after myself and my well-being. I got my hair done, had a facial, and had a relaxing massage. I spent more time with my children and enjoyed the holiday season without the distractions of the online world. It did me wonders and looking back if I didn't take action I feel I would have required medical assistance for burnout.

In taking time out, I realized that I can’t do everything by myself. Help was always there when I asked for it. My hubby kept me sane. My mother, being elderly and with mobility issues, could only do what mothers do and that was offer sage advice despite the angst she was going through as well.

This stressful period was a lesson in gratitude and appreciation. It was a lesson to put on the oxygen mask on my person first. It was a lesson to keep your thoughts positive as every conversation you have with yourself is a conversation you have with the Universe. It made a world of difference to me. It made me myself again so I am the best I can be, for my family, friends, and clients.

And I can’t wait to start my client readings again!

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