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Angel Tarot - What Is It?

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

One of the readings I love doing and have been doing for over a decade now is where I use Angel Tarot cards. What are they exactly? Pretty much tarot divination based on traditional tarot but modified in energy to incorporate the Angels.

When I started doing the readings, I did them for myself. I would get readings done every few years but had an inkling that I would like to do them for myself. I had no idea that a decade later, I would be doing readings at MBS festivals, Paranormal festivals, and my own business incorporating such services!

I started with Josephine Ellershaw’s Easy Tarot. She made it easy to understand and tap into the energy of the cards. I also found this deck great to start with and less harsh energy compared to the Rider-Waite deck. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing deck too but wasn’t for me.

Then I discovered Radleigh Valentine and his Angel Tarot decks. I was in love! The energy of these decks was and still is, fabulous. It comes from a place of love and light and is always spot on. I personally found Angel Tarot was better for me. Ever since I started using the angel tarot decks, the other tarot decks stopped working. Huh, interesting.

So how do they work? When I do a reading for myself or someone else, the first thing I do is clear the deck and then get the querent to shuffle the cards. The client becomes energetically connected to the card's energy and their angels, to divine the answers they seek.

When I interpret them, I listen to my higher self and my guides. I can hear them as they tap into the other person's guides and pass on the information to me. Sometimes the information I get is new to them. Sometimes it is something they already know and need to hear from someone else. Sometimes it is scandalously personal! But no matter how personal the message or apprehensive I am, my guides shout to pass it on and it always makes sense to the client. Phew!

With these readings, I have never been wrong. If a client doesn’t resonate with what I have passed onto them, they usually see it down the track in hindsight.

I can hear you, dear reader, asking what if the message doesn’t come true? There is a reason for that. You see when someone gets a reading (and this pertains to tarot readings, not mediumship as far as I know as I’m not a medium), they get the answers from where they are at the point in their lives when they received the reading. If they continue with the decisions they made before the reading, the messages usually resonate with them. If they leave the reading and make a major decision that changes their path? Then the reading is null and void. They will see that it won’t come true. Having said that, I haven’t had that feedback from clients so far.

Now I find them to be a wonderful add-on to my astrology readings if a client books both readings. It usually supports the forecast readings too. Before I studied astrology seriously, I did angel tarot readings only. I found that the cards would bring up astrological aspects affecting the client I was reading. For example, I would see a majority of fire cards, and the client would almost always have a fire sign for their Sun or their rising sign (that is, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) in a reading and this would coincide with the Saturn in Sagittarius transit they would be going through. So marrying the two was ideal for providing a full service for my clients.

So that is what Angel Tarot readings are. They are divine support from the Angels to the stars in our charts…quite fitting when the stars hold the key to our purpose on this planet from the divine.

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