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Astrology Forecast for October 2022

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

This month we start going forward again as the planets decide they’ve had enough of going backward.

The month starts with Mercury going Direct into Virgo. Finally! We will still be in Mercury’s shadow period for two weeks after Mercury goes direct. It is time when we finally see our plans picking up speed. The delays are over and you finally see traction with whatever you wished to happen. Use all that information you have gathered to take those first steps towards your goals.

Asteroid Vesta goes direct as well in Aquarius. This asteroid is all about the home so if you want to redo it in a quirky way this is a great time. You may have had some plans in the waiting but didn’t know how to go ahead with them. Armed with all the information from this huge retrograde season, you will know now. You will have more clarity.

Then one of the big wigs in the sky, Pluto, starts going direct in Capricorn on 8th October. His transit through Capricorn has brought the end of an era on our planet. Which has been signified with the passing of her late majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Now he is going direct and is going to start the final lessons of transformation for all. If you look at the transiting charts of when her Majesty passed, transiting Pluto was about to cross her Ascendent. The self was ready to transform into the 12th house of the spirit realm. Cool huh? You can’t make this stuff up!

On the 10th of October, we have our Full Moon at 16 degrees of Aries. This degree in Libra, Capricorn, and Cancer will also be triggered but more so at Aries. We will feel the need to break free from things that no longer serve us. It is a time for independence. Mars in Gemini brings help in the form of guidance and allows the completion of projects.

This Full Moon is right next to the asteroid Chiron, which also brings a need to find forgiveness in our hearts and move on. It’s hard to carry that pain all the time, isn’t it? Being square to the asteroid Pallas Athena we also need justice. We want whoever cause that pain to be held accountable. They will because karma will step in. Give it time…

We will also see what relationships in our lives are right for us or what they are as Venus opposes the Full Moon. Saturn in Aquarius is retrograde and helps us reconcile our responsibilities in our relationships. We put ourselves there. We are responsible as well in some way for our partners and loved ones with how we interact with them. Mercury in Libra helps us to be real and heal with those we are close to with diplomacy.

With Venus and the Sun moving into Scorpio on 23rd October, Saturn starts his direct transit in the sky again! Ceres goes direct in Aries as well before the New Moon eclipse in Scorpio (2 degrees). Any placements at 2 degrees Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus, and Leo will be triggered in charts and feel this eclipse more than others. It is a time when the lessons pick up again. The need to nurture ourselves becomes paramount now. Especially in our close relationships, our power in these relationships, and parts of ourselves that we don’t reveal to others.

But let’s look at this New Moon eclipse in Scorpio more as Scorpio likes to go deep. It is a time of starting fresh and renewal in life from the core of our very selves. We have the South Node, Mercury, and Venus next to the Moon, so the focus is on our relationships and conversations. We will see things from our past (and past lives) finally falling away. Real conversations need to be had that have roots from the first eclipse across this axis earlier this year.

It is a partial eclipse of the Sun so with the Moon and Venus nearby, the emotions of Scorpio are raw and deep. The conversations had will hit the heart but you see as it is a time of renewal, this is where the challenge is. It is a time to air things. The cosmos is urging us to clear the air once and for all.

Jupiter's transit nearby will ensure there are solutions to those problems plaguing you. Pluto squares this Moon to bring a drive to find the answers you seek. It is time. Time to move on and transform from the past.

As Jupiter will help bring those answers to us, he will decide to join everyone else by going direct in Pisces next month. If you remember that Jupiter went into Aries earlier this year and that was a big thing! It has since gone retrograde now into Pisces and now wants to resolve lessons and problems from the last 12 years. As soon he will go into Aries and things will move on into a new cycle.

Mercury moves into Scorpio on the 29th of October. It is a time to have deep and meaningful conversations. On the 30th Mars goes retrograde in Gemini until mid-January next year. This is big as it is an extended retrograde trek for Mars. During this time, you can either go deep and have those conversations or put up walls that will prolong this further. Which path will you pick?

October is a time of moving on. Taking those steps forward through the emerging new cycles and seasons is bringing new adventures.

You’ve got this!

Astrological blessings,

Georgina xxx

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