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Be brave enough …

Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters.— Margaret Wheatley

As you read this blog post, I know I will be sh!<>ting myself. Pardon the language, but one thing I didn’t bargain for was how worried I would always be when I became a parent. It is very much in the theme of Ceres retrograde and revisiting my youth. I’m finding that I can’t function unless I know my kids are OK.  And my parents were the same. No matter what, whether it was my first day at school or a life step, my parents were always there. Even if we’d fought or were angry at each other. If I had a procedure, they were there. And now I find myself repeating history.

As you read this, I will be in the hospital nursing my baby boy back to health after getting his tonsils out. My son has had recurring tonsillitis since he was a toddler. In the last 12 months, he’s been getting tonsillitis every month. So for the next few weeks, I will focus on his recovery. Of course, this Astro-Mumma checked the date was suitable for an operation (Moon in Pisces, phew!). And while nothing stands out in his chart, there is one thing. Transiting Mars is going through his 8th house. There is no way my baby boy would avoid the operation. So, while we cannot change the charts our kids choose, we can work with them to support them. I always say a kid’s birth chart is the manual they bring when they are born.

Be Brave
Photo by Joyce Hankins on Unsplash

But let’s get back to what the skies hold for us this month. The first week of June brings the movement of Mercury into the sign of Gemini, followed by the New Moon in the same sign. This New Moon has Venus in Gemini right next door. We are in a period where connections with others are vital. It is time to explore emotions through amazing conversations. The New Moon makes a lovely trine with Black Moon Lilith and the South Node in Libra. These conversations will get deep. With Lilith in the sign of Libra, we need to make connections with others on a soul level. The superficial stuff won’t cut it anymore. Saturn squares the Moon, so it is time to embrace the challenge posed. Build those connections through the mind for once. Never has the brain been a sexier organ than now!

On the 10th of June, Mars moves into Taurus. As we have made those deep connections, it is time to enjoy the finer things in life. We may feel more passion in pursuing alternate financial goals and going for it this time. It’s leaving the idea floating in our heads anymore. It is time to take action.

Mercury and Venus move into the signal Cancer on the 18th of June. Supporting the theme of relationships this month. And Mercury is focusing on our emotions. We started the month focusing on our brains, and it's our heart's turn now. We will harness, process and understand what we feel on the back of the New Moon. For now, we know what we want. With Venus in this sign, we want commitment. We want all the lovey-dovey stuff in our relationships.

So this month, we will work on what we want in our lives and our connections with others. And it prepares us for the Full Moon in Capricorn on 22nd June, right on the Solstice as the Sun moves into Cancer.

Happy Birthday to all Cancerians!

During this Full Moon, we will think clearly and make solid decisions even if the Moon is in detriment. We will see what we don’t want in our lives and what isn’t serving us. We know what we need to let go of, but that is easier said than done. You see, this Full Moon is the first of two Full Moons in Capricorn this season. What we see going this month is step one. Next month, we have another Full Moon in Capricorn. If the changes we seek don't take now, they most likely will next month. So what is going to change? The out-of-sign square with Neptune holds the key. Neptune is in a strong position being in rulership. Imagine Neptune is your fashion stylist. He will come in and will start going through your drawer of sunglasses. Oh, look at all those rose-coloured glasses! They are so 1994...Out the door, they go. This is the start of a clearing out of sorts that we all need as the new season starts with the Solstice.

And if that isn’t a sign that we need to declutter our lives on a deep level, Saturn's retrograde is. As Saturn goes retrograde in the sign of Pisces on 29th June, he is asking us to examine what has come to pass since March this year. When this retrograde cycle begins, Saturn forms a water grand trine with Mercury and Pallas Athena. Saturn is inviting us to get in touch with our intuition. As the month started with exploring our emotions and conversations, Saturn is now inviting us to look at our boundaries and if they are right for us. Are they sufficient? Are our boundaries in our relationships what we need? Do we need to pull walls down or put walls up? I would even go as far as to say it is time to have those sex talks. Not the birds and the bees (though if you’ve been putting that conversation off with your kids and they are of age, now may be the time), but having those real and deep conversations with our other half/partners/lovers about what we need in our connection (whether spiritual, emotional or physical) with them.

June is about brides and uniting with others. We are invited to engage with others but in the truest sense of how we unite with someone. As we examine the stars for this month, one thing is clear. It is all about our relationships. And the superficial stuff, ain’t going to cut it for long.

As I bring this forecast to a close for the month, I see that even I have a lot to reckon with. Beginning by teaching my son that we need to watch our health and nurture ourselves. Especially in the relationship with ourselves to nurture our health. This may include Western medical intervention. That feeling scared is normal as we clear out the old to bring in the new. This month is bringing us a realisation of what we need to do this month to be ourselves in the highest form. And for me now, that is to cuddle and nurse my baby boy back to health.

See you next month!

Astrological blessings,



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