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February 2023 Forecast - Nurturing, Pride and Romance...Oh My!

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

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Welcome to February! I am crying. As you read this post, my baby boy is starting his first day of school and I am scared. A good friend, who is a child psychologist, once told me that when your children come into the world, they make you face your childhood again. Issues you had then come back. She also meant the fears come back as you know what your child can face. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will face the same fate but you can’t help but be on guard. We can’t wrap them in bubble wrap or spoon-feed them yet we can’t feed them to the lions. All we can do is be like eagles and fly around. Watch from a distance and when they need us, swoop in to either get them out of a situation or help them. Which is quite apt for the first planetary movement of the month.

On the 3rd of February, we have the asteroid Ceres going retrograde in Libra. Ceres is all about nurturance and mothering, but with a bit of a dark twist. In Libra, she is inviting us to look at how we are nourishing ourselves in our relationships. Are we satisfied? Are we balanced?

The 5th of February brings the Full Moon in Leo. We may find ourselves saying goodbye issues that may have hurt our pride in the past. Look at why your pride was hurt so the healing around those issues can begin.

On 11th February, Mercury moves into Aquarius. It brings another dimension to our conversations and thoughts. While we are in the Aquarius season, we can channel innovative ideas. We tap into insights through our higher selves from other dimensions. With Valentines Day a few days later, the conversations with those closest to us may have a sense of detachment. Mercury in this sign will be responsible for that.

As usual, I always say something about Valentine's Day. Firstly, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to everyone! Whatever your relationship status is, remember it is a day about our most important relationships. Especially the one that we have with ourselves. Don’t forget to treat yourself as well as your loved ones!

A few days later on the 17th of February, Pallas Athena goes direct. She is all about being true to yourself. It is time to embrace our femininity and masculinity. Make sure they're balanced no matter what your gender identity is. She is about tapping into that creativity and intuition you have been aching to express. This is perfect as on 18th February the Sun moves into Pisces!


This is the month when you get a boost of energy for the year. Gemini’s, Virgo’s, and Sagittarian's will also get a boost. The rest of us will get a boost in the part of our chart ruled by Pisces. The New Moon in Pisces on the 20th of February brings a new oomph to the season as well. It is a great time to wish for anything that is a Pisces theme such as:

  • Imagination

  • Compassion

  • Spiritual healing

  • Psychic sensitivity

On this same day, Venus moves into Aries. There is a feeling of more passion, heat, and energy in our relationships. Think of it like this. With Venus in Pisces, you may have felt like putting on a dreamy, floral dress. With Venus in Aries, you want to wear that red mini dress. And if you don't wear dresses, you may wish your partner followed this dress code or something along those lines.

We have a great month before the new astrological year in March. Until then, I wish you a wonderful month ahead. I will embrace being an eagle as my baby takes his first steps/flight into the world.

Oh dear, where are the tissues?

Astrological blessings,

Georgina xxx

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