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Jupiter in Aries - A New Beginning

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

The most prominent transit happening this month, is Jupiter moving into the sign of Aries. Jupiter will move into Aries from 10th May until 22nd October 2022. It will then do its last dance in Pisces before moving into Aries again on 20th December 2022 until 16th May 2023.

Before we explore this planet's sojourn in Aries, let’s take a look at what it will mean for being in Pisces. It will spend the last 10 weeks of its current cycle in Pisces and it will be a time for endings. It is a time to finalize things once and for all before it moves into Aries.

Aries is the start of the astrological year. Jupiter spends an average of 12 months in every astrological sign. So when Jupiter makes its way into Aries every 12 years, it is the start of something new in our lives.

Think back to where you were 12 years ago. It was 2011 and the Occupy Wall Street Movement made the headlines. Go back to 12 years before that to 1999. Political assassinations, massacres in schools, school bullying, and political impeachments were in progress. So you can see that it is quite an interesting time when Jupiter goes into Aries.

It is a time when Aries themes will come to the fore. Jupiter makes things big so there will be extra conflicts. People will look for their self-interests above that of others. However, it will be a time for new beginnings. It will be a time to start those projects you were scared to venture on. It will be time to start them but in an assertive fashion that lets everyone know you mean business!

So what does this mean for all of us? You can look up your astrological chart for free on and see where your Jupiter is and where the transiting Jupiter in Aries will fall for you. Of course for a more comprehensive outlook, you can always go to your favorite astrologer for a more detailed analysis. Below I will outline what Jupiter means for you and the risks that you need to consider, depending on where Aries falls in your chart:

1st House: the emphasis is on your sense of self and self-worth. You may see things differently and want to do things anew. You may want to change your physical appearance but make sure you research this first before doing anything. Be sure you want these changes.

2nd House: the emphasis will be on your self-worth and self-esteem. New beginnings in how you make your money or starting a new venture in making yourself self-sufficient will be highlighted.

3rd House: the emphasis will be on your communication with others in general and how you think. New ideas will be on their way that brings new exciting ventures like short-distance travel.

4th House: the emphasis will be on your home and family life in general. Issues from the past could cause conflict however, these need resolution before moving on.

5th House: the emphasis will be on your creativity, children, and having fun. New creative projects can feature well during this transit.

6th House: the emphasis is on work, health, and being of service. Creating new routines in your life to help your health, others, and how you work will be a prominent feature.

7th House: the emphasis will be on relationships of all types and finding a balance with the attention you give to others and yourself.

8th House: the emphasis will be on your power in relationships with others and their money. Look out for new ways to support each other in your relationships.

9th House: the emphasis will be on faith/religion, higher learning, and travel. Your mind will be opened in innovative ways.

10th House: the emphasis will be your position on the world stage and your career. Expect potential promotions and new starts during this transit.

11th House: the emphasis will be on your friends, groups, and allies. New ways to help the collective or your local community will feature prominently.

12th House: the emphasis will be internal. It is a time to dissolve the ego, see beyond the physical realm and start the process of healing the past before moving forward.

The above is a general guideline on what this transit will mean for you. Overall it will be an exciting new beginning for us all. And something we have all been looking forward to for some time.

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