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One Saint, Two Planets and Astrology

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

In the spirit of Valentine's Day approaching this week, I wanted to talk all about a significant aspect at play this week, and why it doesn’t matter what your relationship status is on this day.

First, however, why do we celebrate romantic love on 14th February?

St Valentine was a clergyman who ministered to persecuted Christians. He died on 14th February in 239 CE and this day was commemorated as his saint day since 496 CE. During the Middle Ages, it was believed that birds only mated in February and this eventually became a commercial construct of celebrating love over time.

On the commercialisation of a saint's death on this day, we must remember that relationships are not only of the romantic kind. There are many types and it should be a day to celebrate them all. In doing so, relationship readings in astrology are one of the most commonly conducted by astrologers for their clients and it is known as synastry. In a synastry reading, all you need is the permission and birth charts of the people involved.

Sailor and lady kissing when reunited.
Mercury & Pluto bringing worlds apart together during this Valentines Day. Image by Pinterest.

A synastry reading is quite time-consuming and requires the analysis of at least seven astrological charts. As pricey as it can be, the depth of insight these analyses provide is quite extraordinary.

So should you get a relationship reading from your favourite astrologer on Valentine's Day? Why not? Though it's a nice reading you can get at any time. It would provide some food for thought, especially with Mercury and Pluto coming together in the skies this month.

These two planets have been dancing together in the skies from 26th January 2022 until about 20th February 2022. Pluto stays in Capricorn but Mercury goes retrograde and through Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius during this time. The exact conjunction happened on 30th January and will do so again on 12th February before Mercury moves into Aquarius.

Planetary conjunction means when we take a telescope and look out into our solar system, it appears that Pluto and Mercury are on top of each other or at least next to each other. Of course, in reality, they aren’t but from our perspective here on earth, they will appear to be.

When planets are conjunct, they work together to bring their combined energies into a new amalgamation. So what does this mean for us?

Well, Mercury represents communications, thought processes, talking, and listening. Pluto represents transformation, change, and evolution. Put these together and they are going to transform, or at least plant the seeds of change in how we think about things and communicate with others. As Mercury moves from Sagittarius to Aquarius, we will see transformative changes in how we interact and communicate with others which may be seen in our relationships this month as well.

Speaking of how we communicate, this reminds me of the communication mix-ups in one of my favourite books and movies as I finally have a word about being single on Valentine's Day. I’m what Brigitte Jones calls a smug married but I was a singleton longer than I have been a happily smug married and my memory is long. My unsolicited advice? If you can go on a date? Great! Have fun and enjoy the night. If not? Take yourself on a date. Do what you love. If that include binge-watching your latest show on Netflix in your pyjamas while you eat a whole tub of ice cream? Yasssssss!!!

And don’t focus on those people with the kids and the spouses…Especially those of us with very young kids. Getting out to celebrate the day is practically…well difficult. Now, where is that ice cream?

P.S. Thank you to Helen Fielding for the great books and films!

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