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Pluto and How This Planet Changes Your Life

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Pluto is the furthest celestial body in our solar system. This dwarf planet has a unique orbit in that it sometimes comes inside the orbit of Neptune as well.

This planet is named after one of Zeus’ brothers in Ancient Greek mythology. Pluto was the ruler of the underworld. When this planet was discovered in 1930, its name was chosen amongst some other dark mythological suggestions. Ironically, its largest moon was also named after the ferryman to the underworld, Charon. Pluto has a bright heart-shaped area on the surface, opposite to the position of Charon which is quite symbolic don't you think?

They say that when a planet is discovered it symbolises similarities to the era that it has been discovered by humanity. Look back to what was happening in the 1930s. The world was undergoing a major transformation. It was in the grips of the depression as fascism was taking over the world, leading to one of the biggest and most transformational wars in human history.

In astrology, Pluto symbolises just that. In one word: transformation. Look at the world before the 1930s and look at it in the 1950s. Was it the same? Certainly not, so it is an apt description of what Pluto represents.

I never gave this planet much thought over the years, to be honest. Until the Pluto-square-Pluto midlife transit took hold of my birth chart and turned my world upside down.

Roughly around your late 30’s, transiting Pluto makes a square aspect (90 degrees) to your natal Pluto. It occurs sooner or later depending on which century you are born and where Pluto is in his path around the Sun in relation to your birth chart.

When Pluto makes this aspect, it represents a time in your life when you undergo a regeneration of sorts that brings challenges. It will uproot whatever you bring with you from your past. It will make sure you deal with those past issues and start healing. It will pull out anything that has rotten roots embedded in the garden of your past. Whatever is not good for you, will be gone. Even things from in your subconscious aren’t safe from this transit.

The key areas that will be affected are career and home life primarily but relationships can also come into the spotlight. It depends on which houses this square is playing across and you can find out through a reading by your favourite astrologer (hint, hint).

So how did Pluto change my life? Well, to be honest, I didn’t know that I was experiencing this transit until I looked back on my charts after learning about it. When this transit occurred, my father passed away and I was in the process of changing careers. Within a year of his passing, the new career died from actions that were out of my control. I hit rock bottom. I felt like I was in a pit of quicksand up to my neck, which was situated in a dark valley between two steep mountains. I felt like I had no way out.

Did Pluto throw me into this valley? Of course not. I found myself in this position of my choices and for not standing up for myself as I should have many years earlier. Looking back I sometimes wish I didn't make the choices that I did. Other times I look back and realise that this dark time in my life was the best thing that happened to me. This midlife Pluto transit was what shaped me into who I am today.

You see to get to know someone, and that includes yourself, watch them navigate life when things are going very rough. It is the only time you will grow as well. I think if I resisted that transformation, I would still be stuck in that valley of quicksand today, if not worse.

How did I get out of that quicksand pit? I gave up. Yep, I walked away from everything not everyone (the ‘everyone’ bit I will talk about in next month's post). I walked away from everything I knew. I'd get up in the morning and didn't know what to do with my life. So I googled 'what do you do when everything goes to shit and you have nothing to live for'. Seriously I did and I found a video with a US Marine Admiral giving some simple advice. Make your bed every day. Something has been accomplished and slowly build it up from there. And that is what I did.

Since then, as Pluto makes his way through Capricorn, my life has changed drastically. If you showed me then where I am now? I'd be telling you that you are a great storyteller. If I look back now? I don't recognise myself. Again this is because of the choices I made but they do coincide with the transit of Pluto concerning my natal chart. Pluto has transformed my life and it will transform yours too when the time comes if it hasn't already. The easiest way through it is to let go. Embrace the change! This leader of the underworld will introduce you to your true self.

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