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Saturn in Pisces 2023

Since the start of 2020, we have all been experiencing what has been a testing time. At that time, Saturn moved into Aquarius for the first time in 30 years. We were urged to question our accountability and our freedoms. At the time, I was pregnant with my second child and through the lockdowns, I saw the pandemic unfold. Movements of the uprising for equality and being accountable on so many levels. We saw advancements in technology. Humanity surpassed most of the difficulties it was facing and survived.

So when Saturn moves into Pisces this month, we are moving into a new phase of our lives. If you were alive between 1994 and 1996, look back to that era. The themes prominent at that time are getting a reboot and revisiting. Albeit at a higher level as you are older and wiser now. If you were very young then or not alive yet Saturn brings new lessons to your attention. The lessons will be around the area or house, of your chart ruled by Pisces. The planets in that house, and any aspects they make, will also play a role in your life.

What does this mean for us? Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and when a planet spends time there, it is wrapping up a sub-era. Saturn is the old teacher who will hold you accountable. If you met 30 years ago, you will meet again and undergo an inquisition. For the rest of you, welcome to the class. Pisces is all about transcending the dream state. Saturn will bring your dreams to reality or hold up a mirror to get real and bring a grounded flavour to your imagination. Saturn may make your dreams a reality if you work for them. This planet never gives you anything for free.

So what role did Saturn play for me thirty years ago? As I date myself, I finished high school and started University studying science. I’m older and wiser and have moved away from chemistry. Will I go back to science? I'm not sure at the time of writing. Have you seen the show Breaking Bad? Remember the last scene of the series, where the lead character Walter White fondly reminisces about his chemistry life? That is what I still feel about chemistry. As the saying goes, 'You can take the girl away from science but you can’t take science away from the girl'.

So am I graduating from an astrology class or a section of my life to take my journey to another level? Perhaps... Whatever Saturn has in store for me I’m excited, as I see a conclusion to a cycle for the beginning of a new one.

The dates to note for his movement through Pisces are as follows:

Ingress into Pisces: 8th March 2023

Retrograde: 17th June - 4th November 2023

Direct: 29th June 2024 - 15th November 2024

Ingress into Aries: 26th May 2025

Retrograde: 13th July 2025 Rx - 28th November 2025 (will enter Pisces 2nd September 2025)

Movement into Aries: 15th February 2026, back into Aries once and for all.

Before he leaves Pisces, he will move into Aries to give us a taste of what is to come. Saturn will ensure we have learned our lessons before taking us on a new ride into the new cycle of our lives.

To see where Saturn in Pisces will take you, read more about your sign and rising sign:


For Aries, Saturn will start by ensuring your ego isn’t getting in the way of the lessons you are about to face. Ha! I can hear you laughing. What ego? You know the one. It makes you say things before thinking and makes you apologise later. Saturn will strip away all the nuisance and crap you can hide behind. It will get to the core of you, so you are open and humble for the great lessons coming your way.


I heard a funny thing the other day at a gathering of astrologers. I was sitting with two astrologers that have Gemini rising. Mine is in Taurus. One of them said, ‘Look at us chatting away, I bet you are happy to listen.’ They were right, I was. I hate making small talk as I find it boring. It takes a lot of mental energy for me to do so. I like to talk about the core of things and have true conversations…and so will you. When it comes to this transit, it will feel like things are going great. Watch for complacency. Saturn is urging you to sit, listen and watch. It is time to pay attention and start speaking your truth. It may be time to move on from groups and organisations you dislike being a part of. Maybe you do want to still be a part of them, but you need to take a step up. Pay attention as it is time to get to the core of who you want to spend your time with and what you want to be a part of. Saturn will let you know what you need to do so you don’t get bored.


Saturn is bringing lessons and opportunities to your career zone. Look to see if you are happy where you are. Are you stuck in a rut? There will be opportunities coming the way that will get you onto the path you are destined for. Whatever you do, keep your eyes open and arms ready for the grab!


When Saturn takes his first steps it will be in your zone of travel, study, and faith. It will be a time to set your sights on the horizon! Go book that ticket to where you have always wanted to go or learn a skill or subject you love. Your faith may come under question. Saturn will urge you to expand your horizons beyond anything you can imagine. It is time to meditate to see where this transit will take you. It is exciting indeed!


This new Saturn cycle will start with some deep issues around sex, death, taboo, money, and especially other people's money. Saturn will hold you accountable and ensure you have equal power in your relationships with others too. Ensure you haven’t given your power away or taken it from others. Saturn is a serious planet. During this transit, it is time to ensure your safety on these fronts and those closest to you.


The focus will start with your relationships and whether you are wearing rose-colored glasses when it comes to them. Are you kidding yourself about the people you are with? If not...brilliant! He will transform your relationship to the next level. Otherwise, it is time to get real. There is the trap of thinking others are better than they appear to be. The key is to keep yourself grounded at all times.


This cycle is starting with a focus on your career, health, and routines zone. You will come to question whether it is time to start a new career. Are you satisfied with where you are? Or is time to move up in from your current role and take the reins? Your health will come under question as there may be something that you love that isn’t as good for you as you thought. There may be a new health thing you want to do which is great but make sure it is right for your constitution. There’s heaps of great stuff out there but not everything is for everyone. All in all, listen to your body. You may need to adjust your routine or you may need to start a new one. Saturn will check that it is right for you as well as incorporate a spiritual element to it.


Saturn will question your creativity, dear Scorpio. Not whether you are creative or not but whether you have been expressing it at all and enough. You may have dreamed of being a dancer for example, but maybe way past the age where you can do it professionally. Saturn has a thing about being real but he has also a thing about being a late bloomer and taking time to do things right. So if you find yourself thinking ‘oh I’m too old to do hip hop’? Look up a class for hip-hop! Do it! Saturn will make you find a creative outlet to bring more balance into your life.


For you dear Sagittarius, the focus will be on your home life and where you have come from. Issues from the past and I’m talking way into the genealogical past, may arise. You may want to escape but there is no escaping unless you face the past. It is always with us but even if Saturn is asking you to deal with it, make sure you don’t dwell on it. Saturn wants you to face this so you can move into the future carefree as Sagittarius is meant to be.


Saturn, your ruler, brings lessons around communication with siblings, relatives, and others close to you. Be frank and not vague in your dealings with others. Short trips are well highlighted. Capricorns are great workers but need to get away to refresh their energy every once in a while.


The lessons will start with what you are worth. How you value yourself but also how you value yourself in the workplace. The former influences the latter so make sure you know what you are worth (remember that L’Oreal commercial with the catchphrase ‘You are worth it’? Well you are!) before taking on anyone who tests you otherwise.


As Saturn takes you on this journey, you will are to be tested more than the rest of us. Gemini’s, Virgo’s, and Sagittarians you are one step back from this Saturnian front line for the next two and half years or so. Take it from our fellow Aquarians who recently went through it, it wasn't easy. I’m not going to sugarcoat it yet it's not all doom and gloom. When Saturn goes through your sign, he tests you on all levels. For you Pisces, he will start with your sense of self. Think of it as a reinvention before going through the rest of your life. The great thing about a Saturn transit is when it finishes, you are a thousand times a better version of yourself than you were before it!

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