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Why I Became An Astrologer

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

You may have read horoscope columns in the newspapers and magazines. You might have seen the Johnny Depp movie, The Rum Diaries, and saw that any journalist can write a horoscope column after having a swig of rum.

I humorously disagree. Astrology takes considerable training and reading that never ends. So you may wonder who on earth becomes an astrologer? You see, I wasn’t always an astrologer, or at least considered myself one until now. I discovered astrology at the ripe age of 11. This discovery intrigued me as I would watch the daily horoscope on the weekday TV morning show called Good Morning Australia. The resident astrologer on the show, Karen Moregold, would tell us our daily horoscopes every weekday at about 8:15 am.

At the time this show was on the air, I was in primary school and my father would walk me to school every morning. My Capricorn father was a writer and by no means superstitious or into astrology as far as I could tell. Looking back I think he was in the ‘astrology closet’, however, he refused to walk me to school unless we watched our horoscope for the day. So I had to nearly sit through the whole segment and couldn't walk to school until we saw what was in store for Capricorn. I didn’t mind but if the segment was televised late that meant I would be running late for school! Around that time, my Sagittarian mother was reading the book Star Signs by astrologer Linda Goodman. Since then I think my mum has read that book more than five times. Each time, she would tell me, she would discover something new.

It really is a fascinating book talking about all things new age, woo-woo, and astrology. I personally have read it twice with a decade or so between sittings. I admit that I too have discovered many things from that book that supported me on my astrological journey. Fast forward a few decades later and I would still be reading more astrology books, following esteemed astrologers, and reading the daily horoscopes when I could.

I became a scientist and worked at a government scientific organisation. My ‘passing’ interest in the subject became well known and I was always asked about astrology on our lunch breaks. I was the in-house astrologer so to speak but I always said it was for fun. I never admitted that it was more than fun for me. I was hiding in that 'astrology closet' so much you’d think I’d be in Narnia by now!

I would get my chart read by some wonderful astrologers over the years and be fascinated with how they could decipher and know things about me that no one else knew. This just fuelled my fascination with the subject! I ended up gathering a small and impressive personal library with the intention to study the subject in more depth when I was on maternity leave one day.

Now be careful what you wish for. It wasn’t until I was six months into maternity leave with my first child that I was feeling I was drowning but I didn’t know why. This was beyond post-natal depression or being overwhelmed by my new role as a mother. I remembered my intention to study astrology, during maternity leave. It was then that I bit the bullet and while I was slowly moving my way to the front of the 'astrology closet' I enrolled at Sydney Astrology School.

The author of this blog and astrologer Georgina Sierra
The author's delight at taking a new path. Image by: A. Sierra.

I felt an unbelievable urgency that I just had to enroll and so I did. I completed the course, did the FAA exams and now I am a professional astrologer! I now know that that urgency was during my midlife transits pushing me towards my life purpose. That feeling of drowning was my Neptune mid-life transit. As I write this I am going through my Uranus opposition transit. I am giving my age away but this is not just some midlife crisis. This is my time of transformation. It is my time of opening that door and declaring to the world, "I'm an astrologer!"

Dear reader, in my life I went through a few careers. I gained skills that put me in good stead and have enriched my life. Am I sad that I am not doing them anymore? A little but it wasn’t until recently that I realised I did all I did and went through all I went through, to do this going forward. If I look ahead in my life from where I am now, I see myself doing nothing but astrology. If I go back to what I did, it is to revisit some old loves that I still hold in my heart and in high esteem.

So you never know where a passion will take you. You never know where a path will take you either. Astrology is my life now. It is my life purpose. To be honest, I get a kick out of seeing a client's chart. To help them interpret the energies they are born with and will carry in their lives never ceases to amaze me. When I do a reading, my aim is to make my client understand these energies and if I can make that person feel better when they leave a session with me? My job is done … and it is my honour to be of astrological service.

Astrological Blessings,


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